GET /v1/transaction?name=TRANSACTION_NAME

Find merchant information based on a bank transaction name. The returned information includes: a clean and full merchant name, merchant logo, merchant website.

No authentication is needed for the free plan. However, the free plan might be throttled and requests may take up to 10 seconds to complete. Concurrent requests can be used on the client-side to retrieve information about multiple transactions faster.


GET request to Query string parameters:

name example: 17AUG20 SPOTI P23ZFA90EA
String representing transaction name or its description. For most use cases this will simply be the name as it appears in a bank statement or in the results of plaid/yodlee/saltedge/etc.


The endpoint returns a JSON object with the following properties:

merchant_name example: Spotify
Name of the merchant. Can be null.
merchant_website example:
URL of the merchant's website. Can be null.
merchant_logo example:
URL of the merchant's logo. If a logo cannot be found, a photo of the merchants' physical establishment might be used (for ex., a photo of the local ice cream shop). Can be null.
clean_name example: spoti
Original transaction name cleaned-up from commonly found "junk" tokens. Useful for grouping similar transactions.
GET SPOTI P23ZFA90EA {   "merchant_name": "Spotify",   "merchant_website": "",   "merchant_logo": "",   "clean_name": "Spoti", }